DIY Sound Absorption Panels

Sound Absorption Panels can make a huge difference in room sound. Here’s a way to create your own Sound Panels easily and inexpensively without a lot of skill needed. Estimated cost per panel is around $30 and they are easy to put together. This video shows you how to do it all.

Create Your Own Home Studio for $300

So here it is...anyone wanting to create your own Home Studio for cheap, but thinking they can't afford to do it...this is your answer. This is the bare-bones Home Studio that anyone can put together and start recording like the Pro's. This list will get you started...

My Home Studio Tour

By request I’ve put together a quick tour of my home studio. The first video you can see how it’s laid out and what I use. The second video I share some ideas around how I came up with the wall decor and share some ideas on how you can make your studio look cool...

Toontrack Drums Plugin Review

Toontrack is a popular drum plugin for DAWs. It has VERY good sounds that would be difficult for anyone but the professional studios to match in quality. So smaller studios can really make their projects sound great without spending tons of time and money on drums and drummers.

Monitor Placement

Learn how to choose the best possible arrangement for your desk, speakers, and other gear. The “location, location, location” cliché doesn’t just apply to the real estate market. It’s equally (if not more) applicable to the subject of loudspeakers and room acoustics.

Is an iMac Powerful Enough for Home Studio?

The question of the day is, “is an iMac enough power for home studio recording?”. Well, the answer depends. Many people have the idea they can pickup a used iMac off EBAY, buy Pro Tools 8 or 9, plug in some instruments and have a home studio ready to blast away. Here’s the reality.

Learn to Play Piano FAST!

Play Piano

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