Make a Free Vocal Booth

So you don't have the dough to spend on a vocal booth or studio foam to treat your room? It will show in your vocals and other tracks where your using a Mic. Not to worry - you can make it a LOT better without spending money. This little tip is called the "Make a Free...

How to Get the Best Deals on EBAY

Want to find the best deals on EBAY for Studio Equipment? EBAY is the place you can find many great deals, if you watch closely. Here are some tips to find the best ones: 1) See What Price Equipment is Going for - To find out how much you're going to need to pay for...

Create Your Own Home Studio for $300

So here it is...anyone wanting to create your own Home Studio for cheap, but thinking they can't afford to do it...this is your answer. This is the bare-bones Home Studio that anyone can put together and start recording like the Pro's. This list will get you started...

Learn to Play Music by Ear – Lesson 1

Want to learn to play music by ear? This lesson will get you started. Begin training your ear and your brain to recognize the notes by following the steps in this series of videos. This teaching method will be invaluable for your musical ability. Reading music is great, but learning by ear gives you so much depth and musical ability. It’s what separates the “Natural” musicians from the “book” musicians.

Monitor Placement

Learn how to choose the best possible arrangement for your desk, speakers, and other gear. The “location, location, location” cliché doesn’t just apply to the real estate market. It’s equally (if not more) applicable to the subject of loudspeakers and room acoustics.

Podcasting 101 – Doing Your Own

Lots of people want to get their own Podcast going. Having a successful podcast for 2 years now, I can tell you it can be a lot of fun. But it’s only as good as the content you share within it. Podcasts are typically shorter in nature because you have very little time to capture the listener, and they MUST be filled with good content to keep them listening.

How to Record and Sell Cover Tunes

A commonly asked question or misunderstood subject is how to record “cover” songs (someone else’s song) in your home music studio and sell them, or give them away (via CD, download or by other means). The reason this is such a popular question is apparent by looking at the exposure so many new artists are getting. Many times they are getting popular by doing a cover instead of their own song.

Decorate Your Home Studio (Cheap!)

Wanna decorate your studio to look very “cool”, but do it inexpensively. Well let me help you out! First – ask yourself, what do I want my “theme” to be in my studio? Then look around for whatever you have that matches your theme.

Learn to Play Piano FAST!

Play Piano

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