How to Record and Sell Cover Tunes

A commonly asked question or misunderstood subject is how to record “cover” songs (someone else’s song) in your home music studio and sell them, or give them away (via CD, download or by other means). The reason this is such a popular question is apparent by looking at the exposure so many new artists are getting. Many times they are getting popular by doing a cover instead of their own song.

Living in a Pitch Perfect World

I wonder if you’ve noticed something. It’s the idea that we are becoming less tolerant of “imperfect” pitch. Remember when we listend to the likes of Styx, Led Zepplin, The Beatles, etc. and they sounded perfect to us? But NOW, have you noticed that when you listen to those songs now, you notice the imperfections in them more?

Brave New Recording World – The Amateur/Pro Line is Fading

Most people don’t really understand what is available for home studio recording musicians, and how powerful it is. Today you can create a CD in your home with little investment, put it on iTunes yourself and sell music to the world for very little money. Even 10 years ago I’d say most professional musicians would easily be able to identify a song created in a “home studio” compared to the “Pro” recorded songs. Now it’s not that easy.

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