Create Your Own Home Studio for $300

So here it is...anyone wanting to create your own Home Studio for cheap, but thinking they can't afford to do it...this is your answer. This is the bare-bones Home Studio that anyone can put together and start recording like the Pro's. This list will get you started...

Drum Plugins: Do You Need a Drummer Anymore?

We’ve arrived at a world where you can get by without a professional drummer in the studio all the time. The sounds of drum plugins today are as good as most studios can produce themselves, and many times light-years better. Drum plugins are frequently the right answer for home studios. If the drum pattern fits what you’re looking for, or if it’s close, the drum plugin will save you hours and dollars.

Toontrack Drums Plugin Review

Toontrack is a popular drum plugin for DAWs. It has VERY good sounds that would be difficult for anyone but the professional studios to match in quality. So smaller studios can really make their projects sound great without spending tons of time and money on drums and drummers.

New “Fart” Sound Library

Here is a behind the scenes look at the making of one of the most challenging sound libraries ever, the Fart Expansion Pack for Steven Slate’s Trigger drum replacement plugin.

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