DIY Sound Absorption Panels

Sound Absorption Panels can make a huge difference in room sound. Here’s a way to create your own Sound Panels easily and inexpensively without a lot of skill needed. Estimated cost per panel is around $30 and they are easy to put together. This video shows you how to do it all.

Recording When You’re SICK& Getting a Deep Voice Over

Ever had a time when you’re sick and your voice does weird things that you can’t do at other times? Well, take advantage of them. In this example I’m sick with a chest cold and have a deep voice I don’t usually have. So to show you how to take advantage of that I do a quick video to spotlight it while I can.

Learn to Play Music by Ear – Lesson 1

Want to learn to play music by ear? This lesson will get you started. Begin training your ear and your brain to recognize the notes by following the steps in this series of videos. This teaching method will be invaluable for your musical ability. Reading music is great, but learning by ear gives you so much depth and musical ability. It’s what separates the “Natural” musicians from the “book” musicians.

My Home Studio Tour

By request I’ve put together a quick tour of my home studio. The first video you can see how it’s laid out and what I use. The second video I share some ideas around how I came up with the wall decor and share some ideas on how you can make your studio look cool...

Home Studio Acoustic Treatments

There is a science around how to “deaden” or “liven-up” your room, based on what happens to sound as it bounces around your studio. Today it has been made easier to deal with, thanks to companies like Auralex and their acoustic treatments.

Decorate Your Home Studio (Cheap!)

Wanna decorate your studio to look very “cool”, but do it inexpensively. Well let me help you out! First – ask yourself, what do I want my “theme” to be in my studio? Then look around for whatever you have that matches your theme.

Learn to Play Piano FAST!

Play Piano

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